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While in school I learned French and am currently learning to speak Haitian Creole. I love the idea of learning new languages because it allows me to communicate with more people and build strong connections and bonds with those around me. I love traveling and exploring new countries and cultures. I have visited Honduras and Mexico and I’m always looking forward to my next destination. I love being able to learn something new and how I can implement different habits into my life. I enjoy going to the gym and coming back home to refuel with fresh juice I made myself.

  • You have more important things to do than to keep your own books.
  • We partner with merchants like Gusto, Stripe, Shopify, and Square—so your finances are always accurate.
  • We offer personalized bookkeeping services so you can get the specific help you need to run your business smoothly, no matter what industry you are in.
  • We offers a suite of services designed to support the accounting needs of small businesses.

In the event of an audit, having well-organized financial records can be a lifesaver. Auditors will need to review your financial documents to verify the accuracy of your tax filings. Aenten is the leading online Accounting & Bookkeeping for small businesses in every industry. Our services enable businesses to minimize tasks while maximizing tax savings, which lets owners focus their time and energy on growth while we handle the rest.


Because of my knowledge and love of numbers, one of my biggest goals is to become debt free. This will allow me to achieve my goal of owning a farm with plenty of my favorite animals. One of those animals being cats, which ironically I’m allergic to but that won’t stop me from loving them.

Every plan comes with a dedicated bookkeeping team to handle your monthly books, and intuitive software to track your financials. Atlanta Bookkeeping Services is a premier full-service accounting, bookkeeping, and financial services company serving customers all around the world. Our extensive experience and education enable us to provide the level of service that your business needs to stay ahead of competition.

FTX Accounting

If your books are not organized, it can be challenging and time-consuming to provide the necessary documentation, potentially leading to penalties or additional taxes owed. On the other hand, if your books are well-maintained, you can quickly bookkeeping services atlanta provide the required information, demonstrate compliance, and avoid potential penalties. We work with the help of market best software and sync up with your accounts to save time, improve accuracy, and keep your books up to date at all times.